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The mighty Oak, longest lived of all trees that root from the earth's fertile soil, is widely known as the most magical, powerful, and sacred of woods. Air, Fire, Water, Earth--Wood is the fifth element; it is the very source for all things living, providing them supplements and oxygen to breath and prosper. And wood, in itself, is considered to be alive with mind, spirit, will, and emotion.

Also called Duir or Dwyr, meaning 'Druid' or 'Wizard,' oak reigns supreme for wand crafting and wielding magical items. Its deep grains and majestic strength, but also its ability to withstand the forces of time, earns it the title of 'Father Wood'. It has been deemed many names over the centuries, all singing its praise and worshiping its wisdom and supremacy. For Druids, it is often refered to as 'Wizard Wood'.

From an astronomical aspect, oak is linked to the constellation Leo, holding the power to summon lightning. And Leo, ruled by the sun, gifts the wood its source of light and life, empowering it with the strength of fire. The midsummer fire is always oak, as well as the need fire, which is always kindled in an oak log. Steming from these supernatural forces, comes the magic of protection, endurance, kingship, authority, power, wisdom, fertility, and abundance.

To the ancient Celtic people, oak was the protector, provider, and benevolent king of the trees. Red Oak has a lighter energy and is fierier than the other oaks. This wood is perhaps the strongest of all wand-making woods and is one of the longest lived trees, thus embodying great wisdom as well as strength. It is especially noted for enhancing the endurance of spells against time and counter spells. Drawing off the element of fire, as well as lightning, it seeks a powerful companion, guardian, and liberator. This tree is also deeply connected with the earth. The attributes of this wood are excellent for protection, defensive, prosperity, sacrifice and powerhouse spells

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